In the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, southeastern Liaoning, a young city is on the rise.

Built in twenty years, it has created a miracle of another. Today, the goal of ecological, livable is beautiful, civilized, healthy stride.

Xifeng town on the Yangtze River, south of the city, the regional environment be richly endowed by nature. Town water network aspect, agriculture and forestry, landscape have a brilliant future. In the town, two apricot temple to sit out the red history, folk custom, add radiance and beauty to each other, a strong cultural atmosphere. In this piece of land full of vigour, Xifeng Southern farmers concentrated residential construction, will be based on the continuation of local characteristics, enhance the image and quality of the West Fengzhen.


Planning to shape the quality of life as the core, to create a rich characteristics of Jiangnan ecological livable, services complete, convenient transportation of the new town.
In a total area of 2.21 square kilometres of the town, planning the four vertical and four horizontal road network system: the north-south highway, Yang Guotai Road, sea dam road, city road, North Road, new things Gangfeng road road, Lake Road, Xinfeng road and Hing road. Four to strengthen the township road system access and Xifeng area, West Fengzhen and other surrounding regional transport links.
In road construction, road and river, a combination of green building, road landscape good, and construct the waterfront chronic traffic guidance system, the separation of people and vehicles, the township roads into green network both traffic and landscape, the recreational function.
Living in the functional layout, near the north of old town layout development strength in the small high-rise residential area, near the southern ecological wetland position development intensity low high-end real estate area, the whole area of North Southern China quiet, Sonoki Terurie lake, moon, lush green.
In the central town, around the lake broad surface, Culture Hotel, marina, Waterfront Commercial Street, water entertainment, also will rise, the eastern side of the lake a large complex "new world" construction, will promote new town commercial grade, the city become a shopping, leisure, recreation resort.
The planning objectives in the above under the guidance of new town ", the core of cluster, cluster layout, water pulse aspect, planning structure bead connect green": the core agglomeration: in Township Center planning area of ten hectares of lake, Lake arranged around a large city complex and other public service facilities, make it a double core landscape and function; cluster layout: living with another type of layout, around a central lake formed nine distinct communities. Retain the original ecological base characteristics of the greatest degree, emphasize the ecological distribution of community;
Water clock aspect: will enrich the original water to comb and integration, the formation of drainage channels connected to a plurality of and the surrounding rivers, intersection of vertical and horizontal water veins will greatly optimize the ecological quality area;

In such a plan foundation, we have reason to believe: the new town area of South West, will provide a convenient, comfortable, ecological, comfortable new homes for the residents, a new benchmark for the integration of urban and rural construction Xifeng, become the southern plains on a cluster of blooming beautiful flowers.

Seven new moon holding green shade, even around the green house.
Double apricot Zen wind willow, Jiang Sheng Dengying drunk together.


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